How To Select A Loan Product

In the current scenario, there are multiple people availing loans. It is a known fact that if you are not aware of the process, availing of loans can be a complex and challenging process. Therefore it is very important to be aware and understand your need and requirement before you get into the process of availing of loans for your requirement.

The following points can help you to select a loan product accordingly.

Know Your need

This is the first and the foremost factor in selecting a loan product. Understanding your requirement is very crucial as it will guide you in the process forward. The requirements can be a personal loan, professional loan, educational loan, or business loan. However, it is important to know why the loan is being availed. This will in turn give a clearer picture of the way forward. 

Other Cost Involved

There are other costs involved while availing loans apart from the repayment of the principal amount. One obvious being is the payment of the interest rate payable to the lender every month. This rate of interest is not the same with all the lenders. It does vary. Apart from the rate of interest, there is also a processing fee involved which also varies from lender to lender. Therefore it is very important to know the costs involved in the process of selecting a loan product from the market.

Tenure Period

Tenure is the time duration of a loan and by when the full payment is to be done to the lender. The tenure period is a major aspect as the rate of interest is based on the tenure selected by the borrower at the time of availing of the loan. This tenure period also varies from lender to lender and can vary from 1 Year to 30 years. Hence it is very important to understand the tenure period of the loan being availed.

Documentation process

The process of documentation is one of the most important steps and hence it can get complex and challenging during the process of availing of a loan. Banks and NBFCs will need various attested documents to verify your identity, age, residence, etc. Hence you must make sure all of these documents are kept ready for the particular loan availed.


Lender Borrower Relationship 

There is an added advantage if you are availing of loans in a bank of an NBFC where you have an existing relationship. This relationship can be if you have an account in a particular bank or even someone known to you. This makes the process of availing of loans smooth and hustle-free for the borrower.

Therefore the above points should be kept in mind before you avail of a loan product from the market. We, at Moneymax, will help you filter out this process and guide you towards the loan needed as per your requirement.

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