Want To Become A Loan Agent? Here Are Your Answers!!

Becoming a loan agent is one of the most sought-after jobs in India. Since a Loan agent is responsible for securing loans for their customers, there are a lot of people in the market aspiring to become one. If you are aspiring to become a loan agent and have multiple questions unanswered we have some frequently asked questions to break down the process for you. 


How to become a Loan consultant? 

 Becoming a loan agent in India is a very simple process. There are not many requirements needed to become a loan agent in India. You will need a graduation degree and a great passion for selling loans. Good communication in any local language is also a prerequisite. You will also need a small office space with a laptop and a smartphone. These are the only basic requirements needed to become a loan agent in India. 


How to start a business without investment?

Starting a business of Loan consultancy will not burn a hole in your pockets. The process does not need much investment. All you will need are two things which are Time & Patience. Ample time to allot for the entire process right from database preparation to closing the sale and patience needed for the entire process. These are pretty much the two most important aspects one must possess for the entire process. 


How to earn high returns with zero investment?

All you have to do is tie up with any corporate channel partner for example Money Max (Visit dhejo.com for more details). With the support of a corporate channel, the entire process of becoming a loan agent and dealing with clients will be smooth because there is constant guidance and training from these corporate channels. The process of getting tied up with a corporate channel like money max will not need much investment. 


Is DSA (Direct sales Agency) business is profitable?

Having a Direct Sales Agency (DSA) is highly profitable. There are not many expenses involved in managing a direct sales agency for Loans. The business is easy to start at the same time it is also easy to exit. There is not much commitment involved which makes the process smooth. All you will need is a small office space, a laptop and a smart phone. 


How to become a loan agent in SBI?

SBI provides a loan agency for home loans. Any loan agent in SBI can sell multiple home loans in the market. However, it is not easy to become a loan agent from SBI. You will need the major three qualities to become a loan agent in SBI. They are Experience, Knowledge, and Reputation. If one has all of these three qualities they can apply to become a loan agent in SBI and the process will be smooth thereon. 


How does the Loan Business works?

Business loans work under various schemes such as Overdraft facilities or term loans with or without collateral. Interest rates work from 14% to 22% with a maximum tenure of 60 months. A lot of private banks and NBFCs provide this service. We, at Money max also provide this service. For more information visit www.dhejo.com 


Loan DSA partner registration?

A loan DSA partner registration is not a complex process in India. All you will need is a TRAI certificate, a statutory certificate, and a GST/MSME Certificate. Using the mentioned documents the process of registering in a bank for a loan DSA partner registration is very simple. For more information visit  www.dhejo.com 


Loan Agent commission in India?

A commission of a Loan agent ranges from product to product depending on what kind of loans they deal with in the market. The commission ranges anywhere between 0.25% to 4% based on three aspects which are interest rate, Tenure period, and the processing fees.  


Becoming a loan agent is not a complex process in India. There are a lot of corporate channels that will guide you and train you in the entire process. 

 Dhejo, will provide all the support for you to become a Loan agent 

 You can write to us at hello@dhejo.com, visit  www.dhejo.com  or call 9092090817 for more details. 

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